Handheld Quake

The aim of this project is to have a CVS repository of Quake which has been ported for use with handheld devices.

I wish to keep a single set of source code which can be made to compile for either PocketPC, Qt Palmtop or handhelds.org's X on the iPAQ with the use of compile time options, makefiles.

It works on the Sharp Zaurus device, however on the developer version of the device, it runs low on memory quite often and has to quit.

Current status is that it works for Qt Palmtop, but needs some tweaking.

It should still compile for PocketPC (possibly needs a few adjustments) as it's the PocketPC ported code I based this code which works for Qt/Palmtop on.

I've made an ipkg for Qt/Palmtop from this code and put it with the other ipkg files available for Qt/Palmtop.

Thanks to Dan East who made the PocketPC Quake port of which his modifications to the original Id software code I have used. Ofcourse Thanks also to Id software for making such a great game and very generously releasing their code under the GPL without which there would be no handheld quake or PpocketQuake.


Id Software, the ledgendary original authorsof Quake who we are all eternally in awe of
PocketQuake, the PocketPC port by Dan East
Sourceforge Project Pages
Zaurus Developer Site
Trolltech Site
Qt Palmtop Site
Screenshots from Joris

Have Fun